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Our Courses Offered


NRA Courses:

First Steps Pistol

First Steps Rifle

Basic Pistol

Basic Rifle

Range Safety Officer

Refuse to Be a Victim

Basics of Home Firearm Safety

Concealed Carry 

Personal Protection Inside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home







USCCA Courses:

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

Countering the Active Shooter

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals

Range Safety Officer

Firearms Instructor Training

Mini-Class: Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan 

Mini-Class: Self Defense Firearm Basics

Mini-Class: Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Mini-Class: The Legal Use of Force

Mini-Class: Violent Encounters and Their Aftermaths

Mini-Class: Gear and Gadgets

Mini-Class: Basic and Advanced Skills

Mini-Class: Women’s Basic Pistol

Mini-Class: Women’s Intermediate Pistol

Mini-Class: Women’s Defensive Pistol

Mini-Class: What Have we Learned about Mass Shooters

Mini-Class: Countering the Threats

Mini-Class: Patient Assessment

Mini-Class: Traumatic Emergencies 

Mini-Class: Medical Emergencies

Mini-Class: Building Your Own First-Aid Kit








Taser Courses: 

Taser Civilian Certification Course

Taser Private Security Certification Course







Cobra Self-Defense Courses: 

Child Abduction Prevention

Teen Safe Seminar

Real Estate Safety and Self-Defense 


Kidnapping and Anti-Abduction Training for Kids and Adults

AVERT/HSI Courses:

AVERT Active Violence Emergency Response Training

Basic First Aid/CPR/AED

Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED

Advanced Bleeding Control

First Aid for Firearms Instructors

Emergency Response

Bloodborne Pathogens

Basic Life Support Instructor Course

First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course 


NAEMT Courses: 

NAEMT First on the Scene

FEMA Courses: 

FEMA Until Help Arrives







Sabrered Pepper Spray Courses: 

Personal Safety Academy Pepper Spray Course

Stop the Bleed Courses: 

Stop the Bleed Course

Stop the Bleed Instructor Orientation

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